Hi! I'm Hannah Day.

High-Performance Mentor & Neuro Educator

I love helping High-Performers become EVEN MORE ALIVE ❤️‍🔥 in their bodies, love, & work.

 On this page, I provide you with my signature offers that will help you REFINE AND DEPPEN THE PASSION, HEALTH, LOVE, AND PERFORMANCE in your life sustainably and through various angles. 

When you’ve outgrown your current level of being, and you're ready to 10x, that’s when you need me. 😌

- xo, Hannah

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THE NEURO RETREAT | Freedom from Persistent Symptoms + Pain Realized
THE SANDMAN'S SECRETS | The Sleep Upgrade that maximizes Productivity & Happiness Overnight
THE HABIT CHANGE STRATEGIST | Lasting Change made Easy – no Willpower & Motivation required
THE NO-FLUFF, CLARITY MASTERCLASS | Next-Level Clarity Unlocked to Accomplish More while Stressing Less

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Meet Hannah.

For you, it's not necessarily more financial success that you are after - but about more HAPPINESS, CONNECTION, PASSION, AND PURPOSE. 

❤️‍🔥You want to feel good about yourself. 

❤️‍🔥You want to feel like you’ve made a difference today. 

❤️‍🔥You want to feel good about your life and relationships. 

However... you get in your own way, which leaves you overwhelmed with life, frustrated with yourself, and spiraling into self-doubt.

You're doing everything you're supposed to, and it's not making a hell of a difference. 

It's time for something different with a different dimension to it. 

Here's what I know through coaching humans since 2015:

There will come a time in your evolution when you're done looking for your answers in 10 different places because that's frankly no cutting it anymore, and you start craving a high-caliber mentor who embodies 10-in-1 and feels like your very own Swiss-Army knife, all-weather tire, and Marry Poppins bag... when that time comes, I'm the one for you.

I help you create SPACE AND POWER FOR MORE through a variety of methods (10-in-1):

  • Applied Neurology and Advanced Nervous System Regulation, 
  • Habit Change and High-Performance Psychology, 
  • Elevated Partnership and Communication with your loved ones, 
  • Essentialism as a Way of Living and Leading
  • Psychosomatics to strengthen the bond between Body and Mind
  • Upgraded Movement Practices, 
  • Adjusted Nutrition and Supplementation, 
  • Human Design, Gene Keys, and Emotion Code,
  • And muuuuch more.

Your desire for a BIG LIFE needs to be matched with BIG STRATEGIES.

So that it simultaneously feels like...

  • your nervous system is wrapped in a warm, fuzzy blanket no matter how many times you're being triggered
  • you're kicking butt at work, making great money, and providing a difference in someone else's life or the company you work with
  • you're in love with life, feeling deeply connected to your spouse, family, and friends, making memories, and having the time of your life 
  • you're in love with your body, feeling strong and healthy - free to eat and drink whatever the fork you want 

Elevating you to this place ⬆️ is the most normal thing in the world for me because I am there. 

And I know exactly how to take you there too. 💋✌🏻

To work with me 1:1, please email [email protected] to inquire about my current close proximity options.